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Chain Kits from Garlan Chain

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Did you know that Garlan Chain offers retail-ready chain kits?  There are 2 basic styles; one style mixes perfectly-paired chain finishes & findings in 3 top selling chain styles.  The other, is a complete kit full of stainless steel chain and findings.

Packaged in a clear, 7-compartment hinge-top box, each finish of chain is separated from the others, while the matching jump rings and lobster clasps live in the middle.

Each kit includes:

18" of medium patterned cable chain in 2 finishes,  

18" of small smooth cable chain in 2 finishes,

18" of small smooth curb chain in 2 finishes,

6 lobster clasps - 12x6mm, 3 per finish,

24 jump rings - 18 gauge, 6mm OD, 12 each finish

Duo-Blend Color Combinations

Certified lead free and made in the USA, these kits contain a substantial quantity to make several designs.  Pictured below is what I made from the contents of the Gold & Silver kit!!!

Our Stainless Steel kit includes:

18" of 6 best-selling stainless steel chain styles:

medium smooth double curb chain

medium smooth curb chain

medium smooth drawn cable chain

small flattened cable chain

tiny flattened curb chain

small smooth cable chain

6 stainless steel lobster clasps, 12x6mm

24 stainless steel jump rings - 18 gauge, 4x6mm OD.

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