Fall Winter 2016

Several trends have emerged and holding steady going into 2017. On the chain front both the reemergence of the Y-Neck and Chokers seem to be leading the way.



Garlan Chain can provide completed Y Necks using any chain, in any metal or finish, from our large selection. Many of our chains have open links which make it easy to attach a charm to the end of the Y. Our assembly process allows for a variety of neck and drop lengths. We can attach extenders to any neck length. This adjustment option reduces the number of SKU’s in your inventory. Our small bar chain proved to be an outstanding performer in the Y-Neck configuration and is pictured here.




Chokers are typically 14″ overall and usually single strand but multiple strand versions are also possible. The chain pictured is our 5B Rolo 

The Rolo style chain is very comfortable to wear making it a good choice for a choker. It also has an open link for attaching other items such as charms and drops.


Adjustable Bracelets




        Garlan Chain has added a new style of adjustable bracelet.

This new style comes in raw brass, our 12 colors of electroplated brass, sterling silver and gold filled. Adding charms and other media to these bracelets is still a viable design idea.











Our bar chain links make great individual findings for terminating chain or as a link station when adding or changing chain styles.  Both sizes are available in brass, sterling and gold filled.