Garlan Chain: Top Sellers

Do you ever wonder, out of all of the chains that Garlan Chain produces, which are the top sellers?  What styles outsell the others and why?

We’re here to answer this question with a list of our TOP SELLERS…

Big things come in small packages…. 830F lives up to that old saying.

This lightweight, soldered, flat cable is used on all the whimsical, light weight, charms and plaque designs.
Link Size: 1.1 mm W x 1.34 mm L
Wire Size: 0.19 mm
Available in: Raw or Electroplated Soldered Brass, Sterling and Gold Filled

The 1020F is a medium, light weight, soldered cable chain with flattened links.

The flat gives the chain the appearance of a chain much larger.  Excellent choice for all pendant applications.
Link Size: 1.48 mm W x 1.96 mm L
Wire Size: 0.24 mm
Available in: Sterling and Gold Filled

The 1132 is a tight link, soldered cable chain, ideal for sliding pendants, larger hole beads and drops.

The tight link style gives it a weighty appearance.
Wire Size: 0.25 mm
Available in: Sterling and Gold Filled

1318 is a simple soldered cable chain in the medium weight class.

Suitable for slightly larger style pendants and anklets while maintaining a delicate look.
Link Size: 1.61 mm W x 2.11 mm
Wire Size: 0.30 mm
Available in: Raw or Electroplated Soldered Brass, Sterling and Gold Filled

The 1322F is a nice step up in size from the 1020F.

With flat links, it offers a bit more weight and substance for heavier duty designs.
Link Size: 1.31 mm W x 1.77 mm L
Wire Size: 0.33 mm
Available in: Raw or Electroplated Soldered Brass, Sterling and Gold Filled

1617 is a soldered cable chain design with openings large enough to hang items from, using head or eye pins.

Truly one of the workhorses chains in our line!!
Link Size: 1.80 mm W x 2.31 mm L
Wire Size: 0.38 mm
Available in: Raw or Electroplated Soldered Brass, Sterling and Gold Filled

The 2B is a Rolo/Belcher style soldered chain which uses a 1/2 round wire in its construction.

 This gives the chain a smooth, subtle feeling, ideal for necks and anklets.
Link Size: 1.56 mm W x 1.56mm L
Wire Size: 0.58 mm
Available in: Raw or Electroplated Soldered Brass, Sterling and Gold Filled

10XB is also a Rolo/Belcher style chain; heavier in weight but still using the 1/2 round wire.

This chain is a good candidate for dropping items from as well as a good bracelet choice.
Link Size: 2.64 mm W x 2.64 mm L
Wire Size: 1.04 mm
Available in: Raw or Electroplated Unsoldered Steel or Brass, Sterling and Gold Filled

15XB rounds out the best sellers of Rolo/Belcher.

This one can also be used for mens jewelry as it is more substantial in size and weight.
Link Size: 3.65 mm W x 3.65 mm L
Wire Size: 1.14 mm
Available in: Raw or Electroplated Unsoldered Steel or Brass, Sterling and Gold Filled

16D is a drawn link, soldered cable chain.

Its design makes it look bigger than it is, making it ideal for airy designs that demand a light weight chain.
Link Size:  1.74 mm W x 3.2 mm L
Wire Size:  0.41 mm
Available in: Raw or Electroplated Soldered Brass

33XDKL1 is a fun chain!  A double cable design with a pattered wire on adjacent links, it takes all the antique finishes while still maintaining a bit of shine on the un-patterned links. Versatile for all sorts of uses, it can also cross into the mens line.
Link Size: 5.28 mm W x 5.28 mm L
Wire Size: 0.84mm
Available in: Raw or Electroplated Unsoldered Steel or Brass

444X is a versatile chain for charm bracelets, anklets and necks.

It also work well as a vehicle for wrapping or threading silk and leather.
Link Size: 5.65 mm W x 8.45 mm L
Wire Size: 1.12 mm
Available in: Raw or Electroplated Unsoldered Steel or Brass

505XC is starting to get into the bridge size range.

Crossing over into footwear, apparel as well as accessories, this curb chain offers strength in an unsoldered link chain.
Link Size: 4.83 mm W x 7.5 6mm L
Wire Size: 1.27 mm
Available in: Raw or Electroplated Unsoldered Steel or Brass

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Press Release: Garlan Chain Relocation and Expansion Complete Fall 2017

For Immediate Release

US Chain Manufacturer, Garlan Chain, Relocation and Expansion Complete

Seamless Move Yields Shorter Lead Times and Increased Production Capacity

North Attleboro, MA – Garlan Chain has finalized the move and settled into their new location in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.  This factory upgrade marks the beginning of a new era.

Garlan Chain owner, David Gariepy states: “with this move, I wanted to increase efficiency, expand production and decrease lead times.  Not only did we meet our goal, but we are in a more modern building and continue our commitment to green energy with a brand new solar installation.  We are excited about this new chapter!” 

Our customers are invited to bring forth their chain needs even if it’s something we’ve not been able to produce in the past.  We have the space to bring in new machines and welcome any inquiry. 

The new address is:  Garlan Chain | 417 John Dietsch Blvd | North Attleboro, MA 02763

For more information, contact Bruce Ogilvie at (800)341-4945 or


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Fall Winter 2016

Several trends have emerged and holding steady going into 2017. On the chain front both the reemergence of the Y-Neck and Chokers seem to be leading the way.



Garlan Chain can provide completed Y Necks using any chain, in any metal or finish, from our large selection. Many of our chains have open links which make it easy to attach a charm to the end of the Y. Our assembly process allows for a variety of neck and drop lengths. We can attach extenders to any neck length. This adjustment option reduces the number of SKU’s in your inventory. Our small bar chain proved to be an outstanding performer in the Y-Neck configuration and is pictured here.




Chokers are typically 14″ overall and usually single strand but multiple strand versions are also possible. The chain pictured is our 5B Rolo 

The Rolo style chain is very comfortable to wear making it a good choice for a choker. It also has an open link for attaching other items such as charms and drops.


Adjustable Bracelets




        Garlan Chain has added a new style of adjustable bracelet.

This new style comes in raw brass, our 12 colors of electroplated brass, sterling silver and gold filled. Adding charms and other media to these bracelets is still a viable design idea.











Our bar chain links make great individual findings for terminating chain or as a link station when adding or changing chain styles.  Both sizes are available in brass, sterling and gold filled.


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Titanium Findings

kidney wireBecause of its durability, titanium has become more popular for designer jewelry. Its inertness makes it a good choice for those with allergies. It is bio-compatible and therefore not rejected by the human body. Medical grade titanium complies with all restrictions for the jewelry industry with regards to nickel, cadmium and lead.

Titanium findings can be attached with a variety of methods including; fusion welding, gluing, staking or direct investing into castings. Titanium cannot be soldered or brazed however.

Titanium can be colored using a simple anodizing processes. Many informational resources are available about this subject if you Google search “Anodizing Titanium or Niobium”

R.G Flair has a nice selection of findings in titanium and we’d be glad to sample anything you’d like to see. 


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Logo Tags

Logo Tags

Your company name and logo are import assets. Promoting them on your jewelry chains is easy.

These are examples of typical logo tags available from Unit Tool.

You are not limited to these however as many other shapes are available and custom shapes are also possible. (more…)

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Tab Hoops

Unit Tool Tabs for Blog

              Once the staple of fashion jewelry these tab hoops are poised for a comeback!

These are an inexpensive way to expand your line and can be color coordinated to match existing jewelry in your current offering. The posts and hoops can be base metal (brass and stainless) or all sterling. Unit Tool has a huge selection of these babies. Just pick your style and metal!! For more information

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Chain Assembly

Garlan Unit Enduse demo

Attaching your jewelry to chains can be accomplished in many ways. Two popular ways are the floating jumpring, which allows the pendant to slide freely on the chain, and festooned, where the chain attaches to each edge of the pendant. (more…)

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Summer 2016 Vacation Schedule

Annual Summer vacations are fast approaching!

Most of our vendors will be closing for the first week of July and many  support vendors close for the first two weeks! We urge you to plan your orders in advance to avoid disappointment as this time of year can be challenging for deliveries!

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Looking to add a new item to an existing line or perhaps branch out in a new direction?

These two strand, self locking wire bracelets are ideal for inter-changeable and personalized charm programs. 

USA made of solid brass and available in 12 colors.

For price and minimums contact

Wire Bracelets - Copy


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