About Us

ogilvie-incSince 1973, we have provided customer focused sales and service on behalf of independent manufacturers and importers of jewelry related products.

We’re a family run business dedicated to providing service, knowledge and experience to our customers.

Sometimes people ask, “So, what is a rep anyways? Should I just go direct? How much does it cost?” Our services are free to you and working with us is no different than going direct other than a few very important things. It’s our sole job to help you! At the end of the day, the most important thing to us is you are serviced and you feel satisfied with the experience with your supplier. We can help answer questions, price, assist with assortment building, expedite, and offer product knowledge and four decades of industry experience.



Ogilvie Timeline

1956 Richard “Dick “ Ogilvie is in Providence, RI interviewing for a new job with B.A.. Ballou Findings. The job takes his family to California as the first sales agent West of the Mississippi starting his jewelry career.
1973 Bruce Ogilvie, newly married and in need of a job, starts working with his Dad taking extra lines Dick had inherited from a rep friends widow.
1982 Dee Dee Ogilvie, Bruce’s wife comes in part time to help with the books and filing and shortly therafter becomes the next agent and co-owner of the company.
1983 Ogilvie, Inc. purchases a fax machine.
1985 Bruce and Dee Dee purchase and expand the business.
1999 The business is relocated to Morro Bay, CA.
2004 Bonnie Ogilvie-Apra, their daughter, becomes the third generation agent of the group.
2015 Ogilvie, Inc. redesigns the website to make things easier and more streamlined for their clients.